Our Mission is to:

    become whole again by remembering our relationship with the larger Whole

     foster reconnection with our deepest Self, with all of our gifts, talents, and powers, with our wounded places so that they might receive love and the opportunity to heal, with Spirit - the Universal Source of all life, with the living, loving force of Mother Earth

     communicate practical wisdom, contributing to the healing of all

     explore the most powerful, most loving, most trustworthy ways to restore our gifts and strengths

     be receptive to new scientific understandings of the brain’s capacity to create new neural pathways that support healthy change despite past physical and emotional traumas

     open up to new expressions of wholeness, health, creativity, love and joy

    build community, fostering safety and trust, and the recognition that we are not alone no matter the outward appearances.

You understand so little of what is around you because you do not use what is within you.
— Hildegard of Bingen
...every body feels the effect of all that takes place in the universe, so that he who sees all might read in each what is happening everywhere, and even what has happened or shall happen, observing in the present what is far off in time as well as in space.”
— G.W. Leibniz
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What if you suddenly found out that Life was in fact communicating with us directly, in ways that we’ve been missing, constantly offering information that can improve

our health and wellbeing,

our creativity,

our relationships with other people,

our relationship with the world around us,

and many of the choices and decisions we make each day?

FOCUSING helps us receive and understand this communication…

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