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An Immersive Experience of Support in the WholeBody Focusing Tradition

Sunday 4/14/19 to Monday 4/15/19

Still Meadow Retreat Center, Damascus, Oregon

In the mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful world of Spring…

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Seeds that have lain dormant all winter are bursting open, sending down roots and sending up shoots; buds are bursting forth.

We invite you to extend the fertile experience of the 2019 NW Focusers Gathering with an extra day and night of profound support for your freshly budding self.

In the peaceful beauty of Stillmeadow’s woodland, we will meet in the warm and intimate space of the Gaia room, a nurturing cocoon in which we will each be welcomed, held and cherished exactly as we are.

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Nestling into this profound level of support, we can allow an effortless unfolding of whatever shy or exuberant life is wanting to emerge inside, and we can take time to recognize what has already come.

Together we will welcome, honor and celebrate what is inside us and of what is around us. Spontaneous wonder and gratitude may come as we experience the mysterious influence and powerful support of the shared field, of Nature, and of that Greater Field that holds and animates all.

Everyone is invited!  This event is designed to feel comfortable to those with no prior experience of Wholebody Focusing, as well as an exciting opportunity for experienced Wholebody Focusers to explore growing edges.


Our event is being held at Still Meadow Conference and Retreat Center in Damascus, Oregon.  More information, including driving directions,  is available at their website:

Date and Time: April 14-15, 2019. We will begin our workshop at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, and end at approximately 3pm on Monday afternoon. 

Meals: Dinner will be provided on Sunday evening, and both breakfast and lunch will be provided on Monday.

Registration Deadline is April 6.

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Charges at Still Meadow depend on the housing accomodations you select.  See below for the price list. 

Double (with 2 beds)   $152.00

Private                            $190.00

Dorm (3 or more in room)   $125.00

Couple                           $294.00

Camping without electricity    $105.00 

Camping with electricity        $110.00

Commuter (meals, no lodging)  $100.00

Note: Our agreement with Still Meadow is that those staying for our event will stay in the same housing they stayed in the for the NW Focusers Gathering.  So we ask that you select the same housing option you chose for the Gathering.  Still Meadow will charge an additional $25 if you request a change of sleeping arrangements for our event.

Our workshop follows the closing of the Northwest Focusers Gathering.

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We want to welcome you even if you do not attend the Gathering.  We highly recommend the Gathering - it’s a wonderful event that has drawn Focusers from around the country, and we want to make our workshop available to those who may not be able to commit to the full Focusing weekend.

For information on the Northwest Focusers Gathering, please see their website: For any questions about the Gathering, you may contact them by email at:

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If you have any questions about our event, please contact us here.

Click below to register. We look forward to seeing you!!