We’d like to express appreciation for the following teachers and mentors who have helped form our understanding and experience of Focusing and its possibities:  Glenn Fleisch, Ann Weiser Cornell, Nina Joy Lawrence, Jeffrey Morrison, Kevin McEvenue, and of course, Gene Gendlin.

We offer special appreciation to our dear friend and collaborator Julie Townsend, who jumped in with us for the adventure of creating and hosting the Heart Space circles which have been held twice per month since early summer of 2017.  In addition, we offer gratitude and appreciation to all the members of our Heart Space / Wholebody Focusing community.

Deepest thanks to our regular (and irregular!) Focusing partners.

And gratitude and appreciation to Focusers and fellow pilgrims around the world who share this journey toward Wholeness.





Focusing, Eugene Gendlin

The Power of Focusing, Ann Weiser Cornell

Wholebody Focusing: Dancing the Path of the Everyday Mystic, Kevin McEvenue

Focusing with Children, Marta Stapert

Reaching Resilience, Patricia Omidian, PhD, and Team

Biospirituality, Focusing as a Way to Grow, Peter A Campbell and Edwin McMahon



Making Peace With Our Bodies,” Katherine M. Kehoe, published in Focusing Potpourri, the 2015 Folio of The International Focusing Institute.

Finding Wholeness; Integrating Focusing into a Holistic Medical PracticeDawn Flynn, ND, EAMP published in Focusing Potpourri, the 2015 Folio of the International Focusing Institute

Three Assertions About the Body by Eugene Gendlin, PhD