Adelia McFall

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Along the way, I have also been deeply touched and shaped by my experiences with several Native American elders and by years of study and ritual with Sobonfu Somé, who so generously shared the wisdom of her Dagara tribe and her own wild, generous and fiercely loving heart.

All of this has strengthened my sense of wonder and curiosity, my ability to see things from different perspectives, to listen deeply with all of my senses, to home in on what’s essential, and to create a safe space in which someone can sense their own implicit wisdom and embrace the adventure of following it.

Focusing has been a subtext throughout the last decades of my work, as I wove it into the transformational adult workshops that I co-facilitated, into my writing process, and then relied on it as I navigated an 8 year dementia journey with my parents. The benefits (and my understanding) of Focusing accelerated through four levels of Inner Relationship Focusing, and then Wholebody Focusing.

In the last few years I’ve noticed how Wholebody Focusing is helping me to integrate all that I have learned so far, and to go deeper, bringing many of my previous trainings and practices more alive for me.  It’s like just the right spice in a recipe, bringing out the goodness in the ingredients, bringing the dish together. 

Having decided at long last to make the relationship more official, I’m in the process of Certification with the International Focusing Institute.

Now that I have more time with my young grandchildren, I’m especially eager to explore Children’s Focusing. I see its potential to fill a vital role, addressing unmet emotional needs and supporting children’s connection with their own inner knowing and serenity. What a wonderful gift for parents, teachers, grandparents, neighbors… Together, we can learn more ways to interact with children that support them in developing the gifts and the wisdom that they carry, and thus changing the course of history before us.