OUR BODY KNOWS THE WAY: Developing Radical Trust in the Living Body

Class is being rescheduled. New dates will be announced soon.

Come join us to support one another in the unfolding/flourishing of the true Self that is our birthright.

In this online 6 week workshop grounded in Wholebody Focusing (WBF) we will gently invite an ever-deepening connection to the wisdom of our own bodies, expanding our experience of the felt sense.

We will explore ways of moving more deeply into Grounded Presence, reconnecting to the ‘more’ that we are and to the ‘more’ that is beyond us.


Class 1-

Finding the Ground, Building Trust, Learning the Language

Slowing down, we settle in and inhabit our whole body, the entire territory.  Feeling the gravitational pull of the earth, we become grounded and centered; something begins to relax inside. With “beginner’s mind”, we gently invite communication, and notice what comes.    

We will play with the radical notion that once we invite our deeper Self to communicate, whatever arises—within or around us—can be considered part of that communication.  We will pay attention to unconscious gestures, posture, spontaneous movements, physical sensations, as well as memories or images that come to mind… 

This interplay deepens our trust, our partnership.   Noticing the communication that is coming, we begin to deeply trust the body’s wisdom. As it senses its communication received, our body comes to understand that it can trust us in return.


Class 2 -

Walking the Edge with Grounded Presence

From a place of Grounded Presence, we find the confidence to engage the murky edge of the unknown. We can offer an unlimited welcome to what comes.  We can cultivate a quality of patient not knowing: a willingness to be surprised, and an acceptance of what emerges exactly as it comes.  We set aside any requirement that what comes will explain itself, or change itself; and we refrain from interpreting or insisting on understanding.  We simply accept and give it room. We listen with more than our intellects, and the not knowing unfolds into knowing on deeper and deeper levels.


Class 3 -

The Space in Which We Live: Opening Awareness to our Greater Environment

From the moment we are conceived our bodies are relating with the environment.  Initially our environment is the temperature of the womb and mother’s voice.  Then it becomes the seasons, nature, animals, the elements, our home, etc.  The interconnectedness and support we feel within this larger space impacts how we change and grow.  In this class we will explore the mutual evolution that occurs as we experience ourselves within the larger space we embody.


Class 4 -

The Felt Connection: Listening to your Body From my Body

Listening includes much more than what we hear with our ears.  As a Companion we bring our entire being into relationship with the Focuser within our larger environment.  In this class we will increase our capacity to listen or attune to the other within this shared field.  From here we will notice what more we have access to and what happens as we allow our reflections to flow from this source.


Class 5 -

The Element of Surprise: Opening to the Support of the ‘Greater Field’ 


 Class 6  -

Integration: Opening To The Fresh And The New

While the elements of a focusing session may feel comfortably familiar, we create a brand new, potential-filled space each time we turn inward to invite a bodily felt sense.  We can discover and experience the delicious feel of that wide open field of possibility. 

In this class we will make room for both the healing that wants to happen and for the more (more creativity, more joy, more…) that may be pushing to emerge.  We will take time to acknowledge and honor the shifts, big and small, that have come for us as we have deepened our trust in our bodies and their communication with us.  


We will meet weekly on Zoom, a free teleconference format which allows all of us to see and hear the whole class.  In addition to presentations, we will also break into small groups or diads for practice sessions, come back together as a group to share our experiences, ask and answer questions, and clarify our homework practice for the week ahead.

Prior experience of Whole Body Focusing is not necessary, but participants should have experience of Focusing with a partner.

The Presentation portion of the class will be recorded and made available to those who miss a class.

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  • We are very happy to be facilitating this workshop together - Katherine Kehoe, Adelia McFall, and Dawn Flynn

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