OUR BODY KNOWS THE WAY: Developing Radical Trust in the Living Body

This class is being rescheduled. New dates will be announced soon.

In this online 6 week workshop grounded in Wholebody Focusing (WBF) we will gently invite an ever-deepening connection to the wisdom of our own bodies, expanding our experience of the felt sense.

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DEEPENING THE PARTNERSHIP: Letting the Body Lead the Way

Sunday to Monday 4/14/19 to 4/15/19

(Following the Northwest Focusers Gathering in Damascus, OR)

In this Whole Body Focusing Experience-

We will sense into our bodies… sensing what is living in there that wants even more opportunity to come alive…

We will discover the remarkable power of the shared field that we generate together, a safe and welcoming environment that supports us in sensing even more deeply what is wanting to emerge from within…

In this way, we will find our living YES!