Calling all Quirky and Awkward Parts: My First NW Focusers Gathering Experience

The sense that I belonged was instant. Even my quirky parts that typically feel out of place in a community felt right at home. As I was accepted for just being me, I found myself becoming more accepting of others.  As I was cherished for my unique gifts, I more easily recognized the unique gifts of others.  I could laugh at my short comings a bit more easily, my mistakes seemed less deserving of reproach, the awkward places in me felt the comfort of not being expected to be anything other than awkward.

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Paying close attention to what’s here in the present moment, and meeting it with gentleness

Focusers are familiar with going slowly and paying close attention.  The same way that a knitter will pause with a stitch that’s too tight or too loose, a Focuser will pause with a place that isn’t right somehow.  There might be too much, too much physical pain someplace in the body, too much of some uncomfortable emotion, too much outside pressure to do or to be something other than what we are in the moment.  Or, there may seem to be too little

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The Language of Life

What if you suddenly found out that Life is communicating with you directly, in ways that you’ve been missing? 

…Life is communicating with us constantly, in ways that can help us make better decisions and choices on a daily basis. But it communicates in ways that most of us have forgotten or been trained out of noticing.  The bad news is that there is no language app—no Duolingo or Google Translate—that can help us learn this particular language.

But the good news is that our body itself is a receiver, already tuned to this stream of information!  And we can relearn the language.

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Walking the Talk: Focusing in the Moment

Focusing sessions involve an interesting leap of faith: we settle in with curiosity, not knowing what might come or where it might take us, but trusting in the aliveness that reveals itself to us. Lately, I’ve been noticing real benefit when applying the same principles outside of formal Focusing sessions, as uncomfortable things arise in daily life.

Here’s a lovely example of a just-catching-up-with-each-other conversation that became something much more, bringing a shift from feeling stuck in resentment to feeling a sense of ease, empowerment and joy..

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Following the Descent of our Life Force

“The descent is characterized as a journey to the underworld, the dark night of the soul, the belly of the whale, the meeting of the dark goddess…  To make this journey a woman puts aside her fascination with the intellect and games of the cultural mind, and acquaints herself, perhaps for the first time, with her body, her emotions, her sexuality, her intuition, her images, her values, and her mind. This is what she finds in the depths.”


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