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Vital Force Focusing represents a collaborative journey of Katherine Kehoe, Dawn Flynn and Adelia McFall. Our workshops and other offerings are a natural extension of our overlapping backgrounds and interests converging in our shared practice of WholeBody Focusing. We began by daring ourselves to open to the possibilities wanting to come alive in and through us, to respond with a wholehearted Yes to life.

As it has unfolded, we recognized this collaboration as part of a journey that began long ago for each of us. We have given the name Vital Force Focusing to our work together—in acknowledgment of the Something More, the vital force that continues to lead the way as we give it our attention, trust and cooperation.


Adelia McFall

Decades of deeply engaging people at different stages of the human journey—from infants and toddlers to adults of all ages—has deepened my awe for the inextinguishable Life in each of us.

 Learning to recognize that essential Life in others, and to help them express it, has been a connecting thread through forty-five years of diverse training and experience that includes Montessori (AMI Primary) teaching, traditional spirituality, studies in communication and organizational behavior, a therapeutic massage and energetic healing practice, and several forms of Focusing.


Katherine Kehoe

How do I learn how to be happy?  Or if not happy, at least at peace with myself… This has been the fundamental challenge of my adult life.

I learned Focusing in an attempt to heal my own emotional suffering, and I became a Certified Focusing Trainer in order to share with others the extraordinary healing that I received and continue to receive from it.


Dawn Flynn

My soul yearns for and guides me to places of unrestrained wildness in Nature. The drizzling rain, rocky cliffs, scent of seaweed and ocean air of the Olympic peninsula, my favorite wild place not too far from home, give me an ancient sense of belonging.

I find great delight in studying, writing and teaching subjects related to Chinese medicine, Focusing, and the old ways of Naturopathic Medicine.